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About Us

About Senix

SENIX Tools are the unstoppable force in outdoor power equipment and handheld power tools.

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About Senix

Our mission is to deliver more than satisfaction, we strive to realize the pride of a job well done.

The inspiration of a well maintained home while saving time and money, with the bonus of a reduced impact on the environment.

Efficient products to be able to enjoy life and pursue other passions.

Premium performance at a great value.

Relevant innovation and purpose in: technology, performance, quality, durability, design, simplicity, and safety.

Low or no emissions, low vibration, low noise, ergonomic comfort, convenience, storage, light weight.

Choose the power source to meet the task: corded, cordless and 4-Cycle.

Be proud and allow yourself to enjoy your life

We save you time and embrace your passions

We create the tools so you can be who you are

Brand Story

Relevant innovationandpurpose in:technology,performance, quality, durability, design, simplicity, and safety.

Lowornoemissions, lowvibration, lownoise, ergonomiccomfort, convenience, storage, light

Choosethe ; power source to meetthe task:corded,cord less and 4-Cycle.