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You can find some parts online at You can also contact our Customer Support at
Most specifications can be found in the product manual included with your equipment. You can also find product manuals and guides online here. If you are unable to locate the information you are looking for, please contact our Customer Support at Please have your model available so that we may best assist you.

You can conveniently register your equipment online here.

Senix tools, parts, and accessories are available for purchase online at

All of our products, including our 4QL Gas, AC Corded, and X5 Cordless lines, are manufactured in China and designed for the North American market.

4QL Gas

Use 10W-30 grade motor oil for your engines. Refer to the owners and operating manuals for the correct amount of oil. DO NOT overfill the oil tank.

Please use fresh gasoline. The fuel should be less than 30 days old, grade 87 octane, and free of water and dirt. It's best to use ethanol-free fuel. Your product is 4-cycle, so do not mix oil into the gas.

Go through the cold start starting process. Remember not to engage the throttle while pulling the starter cord. If the tool still doesn't start after several pulls, depress and release the throttle trigger to release the choke, then pull the starter cord until the engine starts.

Refer to the product manual for full instructions.

Please contact our expert customer support team at

Make sure that you are using fresh fuel that is less than 30 days out of the pump. Your product has a 4-cycle engine, so do not mix oil into the gas.

If your product has several hours of operation, you may need to clean or replace the air filter. This also applies to the fuel filter. If none of these work, please contact us at

Make sure that you are using fresh fuel that is less than 30 days out of the pump. Your product has a 4-cycle engine so do not mix oil into the gas.

If your product has several hours of operation you may need to clean or replace the air filter. Same with fuel filter.

If none of these work please contact us at

This is a common occurrence with most chain saws. After use, a chain saw is hot, and a slight pressure can build up in the oil reservoir. This could cause oil to seep out after shutting off the saw. Pressure can be released by loosening and re-tightening the bar oil filler cap. Using premium bar and chain oil will reduce the chance of this happening.

If you use regular motor oil in place of bar and chain oil, your chain saw may leak after shutting off. A good practice is to set your saw on something to absorb oil after each use.

It's important to use a bar and chain lubricant for chain saws. Bar and chain lubricants have additives to help the oil adhere to the bar and chain longer. DO NOT use motor oil, as it will not adequately protect the bar and chain.

To advance the trimmer line, tap the head on the ground while the unit is accelerated. You may see small pieces of line cut off by the trim blade.

Senix Tools branded bump-head trimmers use .095 monofilament and are compatible with many great brands of trimmer line.

X5 Cordless

Yes, your battery is interchangeable with all Senix Tools X5 Cordless lawn and garden products.

The battery may not be secured in place. Make sure the battery is fully seated and the battery latch tab on the product is snapped into place.

Also, the battery may not be fully charged. Charge the battery according to the instructions included with your Senix Tools X5 Cordless battery charger.

Depending on what charge the battery already has, our X5 Cordless 58V LI-ION Battery Pack (B25X5) batteries should fully charge within 90 minutes.

The 58V LI-ION Battery Pack (B25X5) used for all Senix Tools X5 Series products is rated at 2.5 AH.


Looking for an answer to something not covered here? Reach out to our Senix Tools support team, and we will follow up with you via your preferred contact method within 24-48 hours.


Phone: +1.800.261.3981

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