Trimmers and Saws
Trimmers and Saws

Recortadoras y Sierras

No es fácil con troncos, ramas, malas hierbas y arbustos. Las recortadoras y sierras Senix son resistentes y están bien construidas con motores potentes, cadenas fuertes y manijas de estilo profesional, todo con nuestro diseño elegante característico.

El césped y las malas hierbas no tienen ninguna posibilidad frente a nuestros potentes y ligeros cortacéspedes . Nuestros cortasetos inalámbricos y de gasolina muestran a los arbustos y arbustos quién manda. El diseño de nuestra sierra de pértiga hace que esas ramas fuera de su alcance se doblen a su voluntad. Y ya sea que esté cortando leña o talando un árbol, querrá hacerlo con una motosierra Senix liviana pero poderosa en la mano.


GTS4QL-L 4QL Gas Powered 26.5CC Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer
Nice, lightweight trimmer
I decided to buy this brand again after I bought the Senix blower back in the fall. I really liked the blower and the trimmer has been great too. Easy to use and lightweight.
CSX5-M-0 X5 Cordless 58V Chain Saw
It works well, and does the job
John from PGH
I bought the Senix chain saw after I bought their pole saw, which I have reviewed with the same headline. Bottom line, its runs and cuts nicely, and has a nice price point. It also uses the same battery as the pole saw, so I have a back up for both.
LPPX5-L X5 Cordless 58V Lawn Mower
Worth The Price
250 x 250px
Mike Anderson
Good mower for the price. Overgrown yard no biggie. Bags a little small, but did a big yard on one charge easily.
BL4QL-L 4QL Gas Powered 26.5CC Blower
Light and Potent
250 x 250px
Samuel Vetrik
I love the fact it doesn't need fuel mix. Just straight up gasoline. Plenty of umph and starts with ease every time even on cold days. Garage, driveway, back yard, truck bed...all get the blast and results are immediate!
Wednesday, Jan 26, 2019
B25X5 X5 Cordless 58V LI-ION Battery Pack
Long Lasting Battery
250 x 250px
So far so good with this battery. I use it on the Senix battery operated pole saw. The charge seems to last quite a while.

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