Purposeful Innovation: An Unstoppable Force

At Senix Tools, we don’t innovate just for the sake of making something different. What would be the point in that? We don’t have time for products that are gimmicky, redundant, or inefficient, and you don’t either.

We devote all of our expertise to innovation that matters and technology that solves problems. With a laser focus, we develop features that make our tools faster, stronger, longer-lasting, more efficient, and easier to use.

Rejecting mediocrity, we innovate with purpose.


We create with precision. And we design with intention.

And, with an eye on the environment, we strive to create powerful, affordable products that remain eco-minded with low-to-no emissions and a reduced environmental impact. Bottom line, we deliver premium performance at an exceptional value.

We are an unstoppable force in outdoor power equipment. We are Senix.

Relevant Innovation and Purposeful Design

Technology, performance, quality, durability, value, simplicity, and safety.

Reduced Impact on You and the Environment

Low or no emissions, low vibrations, low noise, ergonomic comfort, compact footprints, and light weight.

Tailored Power Sources to Meet the Task

4QL Gas Powered, AC Corded, and X5 Cordless series.


Whether you have a question, a suggestion, or just want to talk shop, reach out to our Senix team, and we will follow up with you via your preferred contact method within 24-48 hours.


Phone: +1.800.261.3981

Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.


Email: senix.service@yat.com 

Expect a response within 24-48 hours.

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