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Are Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Any Good?

04 Apr 2020 0 Comments
Are Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Any Good?

If you’re in the market for a lawn mower, you may be asking, “Are battery powered lawn mowers any good?” Several years ago, we may have hemmed and hawed before answering. But today, with modern developments in lithium ion battery technology, we can confidently say: Yes

Battery powered lawn mowers are a strong option for nearly anyone looking for effective, eco-friendly lawn equipment. But, not all lawns present the same demands.

Opting for battery power will be a better fit for some than others. So, the question isn’t so much, “Are battery powered lawn mowers any good?” but rather, “Are battery powered lawn mowers any good for your situation?” Here are six considerations to help you decide.


Are battery powered lawn mowers any good…for you?

Consider: Lawn Size

How large is your lawn? Most cordless, battery powered push mowers will run for about 30 to 40 minutes and cut up to half an acre on a single charge. If your lawn is larger than this, your options are to break your mowing into separate sessions to allow for re-charging time, or you can invest in an extra battery

Consider: Grass Height

While a battery powered mower is definitely capable of cutting long or thick grass, growing too long between mowings adds additional work for the mower, reducing the amount of ground you can cover in one charge. Cutting your grass a bit more frequently will help you get better run times from your battery powered mower. (If you have a larger lawn and you prefer to let your grass grow taller between mowings, gas-powered may be a better bet for you.)

Consider: Noise Level

Gas powered lawn mowers typically run at about 90 decibels. At that volume, hearing protection is recommended, as sounds above 85 dB are considered harmful to your hearing. How loud are battery powered lawn mowers? On average, only 70 dB! This is comparable to office noise, or slightly louder than the volume of a normal conversation. Want to mow your lawn before work or after the kids are in bed? A battery powered lawn mower is probably for you.

Consider: Machine Size

Battery powered lawn mowers range widely in size, but most have deck sizes between 13” to 20”, and many even fold for vertical or horizontal storage. Since there isn’t a large, heavy engine on the mower, they are also surprisingly lightweight, yes, even light enough to pick up and store on a shelf. (This Cordless 58V Lawn Mower weighs less than 28 lbs!) The compact size and light weight of a battery powered mower add up to quite a powerful machine tucked into one easy-to-manage package.

Consider: Start Effort

Typically, a battery powered lawn mower will have a combination start, using a key and a push button to turn on the machine. It should start the first time, every time; no elbow grease required. Engaging a handle to start the cutting blades and releasing it to stop the blades makes for pretty simple and straightforward operation.

Consider: Environmental Impact

Are you interested in reducing your environmental footprint? The two most notable eco-friendly benefits of battery powered mowers include low-to-no emissions and only about $5 per year in electricity for charging.

So, are battery powered lawn mowers any good? Overall, yes!
Are they the right option for you? If you’ve reviewed the considerations and think the answer may be yes, check out our selection of powerful, battery powered lawn mowers, where you’ll find premium performance and affordable prices.
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