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Leaf Blower vs. Vacuum: Which is Best?

02 May 2020 0 Comments
Leaf Blower vs. Vacuum: Which is Best?

In the leaf blower vs. vacuum debate, it’s tough to determine which is best without specifying the task at hand. Let’s consider the work you may tackle and which tool is better suited for the job.


Leaf Blowers are the better option for:

Large Spaces

If you need to clear leaves or debris from a wide area, a leaf blower is the better choice. A leaf blower allows you to move fairly quickly, clearing more area in a shorter amount of time. Leaf vacuums require you to move more slowly, and every time the collection bag gets full, you have to stop to empty it. 

Wet Debris

When you face damp yard waste or wet leaves, you want a leaf blower, not a vacuum. A leaf vacuum will struggle to produce enough suction to pick up heavy, wet leaves. The wet leaves inside the vacuum may also clog the equipment and slow you down. A leaf blower will provide the forced air needed to move most wet yard debris.


Leaf Vacuums are the better option for:

Precise Landscaping

When you need more control over what you’re clearing, a leaf vacuum is much more suitable than a blower. Many flower beds and gardens are too delicate to endure the blast of a leaf blower. The precise action of a leaf vacuum allows you to clean up more specific areas without disturbing those nearby.


If you don’t have a natural area to blow your leaves into, and you also don’t want to be left with a pile of leaves to deal with when you’re finished clearing, then a leaf vacuum is the best option for you. Most leaf vacuums contain an impeller, which chops up leaves and debris into small pieces, turning them into mulch. All of this remains collected inside the bag and can easily be spread over soil or added to a compost pile.

Perhaps the best news in the battle of leaf blower vs. vacuum is that you may not have to choose at all! Since many hand-held leaf blowers include a vacuum mode, it’s possible to get both options in one power tool.
Take a few minutes to explore the powerful and affordable leaf blowers we have available, and decide what’s best for you.
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