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Where Do I Start? Essential Yard Tools for a First Time Homeowner

11 Sep 2023 0 Comments
Where Do I Start? Essential Yard Tools for a First Time Homeowner

So you finally closed on your new home – congrats! The yard looks impeccable from all the showings... there isn’t a weed in sight, the beds are edged perfectly, and the grass is trimmed and green. Now how do you maintain it and not become “that guy” on the block?

SENIX is here with our full line of lawn care products to keep your yard in top shape. Here’s our list of essentials every new homeowner should have to get started:

Senix Tools Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower

A freshly mowed lawn sets the scene and can hide any number of yard-neglect-sins. An easy-to-use lawnmower should be first on your purchase list. SENIX’s line of gas and electric lawn mowers are lightweight and start the first time, every time, ensuring a seamless experience no matter how experienced you are.

What They Say: “Light but powerful engine roared through my lawn like a hot knife through butter.”


Senix Tools Lawn Blower


After all the boxes are unpacked, we’re sure you will want to invite all your friends and family over to see the new digs. A blower is essential for that last minute guest prep... blow off your driveway for parking or clear your cute new patio for sitting. From handheld cordless to a full gas backpack blower, our line of blowers has every yard size covered. Pick your power and get to work.

“I bought this as a "throw-away" blower to carry me over until I could research the market for a real blower... This thing is great! I've been using it weekly now for several months and it just rolls along as if it's not challenged yet. I'm totally surprised given the price!”

“I love the fact it doesn't need fuel mix. Just straight up gasoline. Plenty of umph and starts with ease every time even on cold days. Garage, driveway, back yard truck bed... all gets the blast and results are immediate! I'm happy.”

“One bad ass blower. Easy to start. Easy to use.”


Senix Tools Trimmer


Weed whacker, edger, string trimmer... whatever you want to call it, it’s the essential tool for the perfectionist in all of us. Quickly tidy up those hard-to-reach places under shrubs or along the edge of your driveway or flower beds with confidence. Gas or electric, straight or curved shaft, we have options for you (and don’t forget to stock up on extra trimmer line).

What They Say: “Just like the blower and mower, I was immediately impressed by the trimmer. I have a quarter acre yard with over 150 feet of sidewalks including a two-car driveway. The battery life exceeded my needs to trim everything. The unit is very light weight and easy to maneuver, simple to assemble. The power of the trimmer easily cuts any grass and weeds, and yet still quiet and smooth. I highly recommend it. Nothing beats a clean straight cut on a Sunday morning. Thank you SENIX for providing such a wonderful tool to make my lawn care efficient and carefree.”


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