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A Beginner’s Guide To Hedge Trimming

01 Jul 2022 0 Comments
A Beginner’s Guide To Hedge Trimming

Summer is in full swing, and with it comes the long list of lawn duties, including up-keeping your hedges. We all have areas of our yards that need a little extra TLC, and whether you’re a first-time homebuyer newly discovering your landscape needs, or you’ve just planted some new hedges to spruce up your outdoors, we’re here to help take the guesswork out of hedge trimming. SENIX Tools has the right hedge trimming tools for you, and some helpful tips for trimming hedges in summer!

1. Hedge Trimming Tools

Choosing the right hedge trimmer is an essential step toward good-looking hedges. Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference in the world, especially yard work! Nothing is more frustrating than having to stop mid-job because you don’t have what you need. SENIX Tools provides various hedge trimming tools that make any job better.


Consider a gas hedge trimmer if you have a big lawn with many hedges and bushes that need upkeep. Gas hedge trimmers are the perfect tool if you need more heavy-duty power to cut through thick bushes and trim small tree branches. Gas trimmers have fewer movement limitations because they don't have a cord. That said, gas hedge trimmers are also louder and heavier than their electric counterparts. If you need heavy-duty help to combat a lot of overgrowths, the gas hedge trimmer is the way to go!


If you need reliable help to get the job done but want something lighter-weight than a gas hedge trimmer, an electric hedge trimmer might be right for you. Because electric hedge trimmers are lighter in weight, they are easier to manage all the way around. They are also easy to start and run much quieter. However, you lose a little power with the electric trimmer and will need to manage cord length as you trim. A corded electric hedge trimmer is the perfect tool for a smaller yard, touching up those hedges to help them stay clean and sharp.


SENIX Tools also offers a cordless electric hedge trimmer. This battery powered trimmer has all the benefits of the electric hedge trimmer but without the cord. The job is limited to battery life, but with modern lithium-ion battery technology, that’s not the same concern as in the past. A cordless electric hedge trimmer is ideal for regular hedge trimming and maintenance.

2. Shape

Once you’ve found the right hedge trimming tool, you’re ready to shape your hedges! You may have hedges along the edge of your lawn for privacy or in large pots to accent your garden or front door. There are so many ways to shape and use your hedges! Depending on how big you want your hedges, it is ok to trim off all new growth that you see. Leaves with a light green color versus the darker green of the older leaves indicate new growth. Cutting a hedge back will not kill it; instead, it encourages fuller growth (rather than taller growth). Use a guide string if you want your hedges straight across the top. You can tie a line between two wooden stakes and place them at either end of the hedge. Position the string at the desired cutting height and use it as a guide for keeping your cuts as level and straight as possible.

3. Angle

When trimming the sides of your hedges, remember that the bottom portion of the bush also needs sunlight. To ensure even growth and a happy hedge, try to trim your hedges at an angle, keeping the bottom portion slightly bigger than the top. This technique helps sunlight reach the entire hedge, promoting plant growth and health.

4. Rake

After trimming, lightly run a rake over the hedge; this loosens up any stuck branches and reveals spots that may need more trimming, helping you see what you might have missed. For easy cleanup, put down a tarp or sheet before you trim and rake!

5. Timing

The most common question remains: “When should I trim my hedges?” When trimming hedges in summer, avoid aggressive cutbacks. Instead, trim modestly to maintain the desired height and shape. To really cut back overgrown hedges, wait for late winter to early spring. SENIX Tools has the right tool for any job you need to tackle this summer! All our products are designed for top performance while remaining affordable and easy to use. Be sure and check out our blog for more lawn care tips and tricks.
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