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Electric vs. Gas Leaf Blowers

03 Oct 2022 0 Comments
Electric vs. Gas Leaf Blowers
Nobody wants to spend their glorious fall days with a rake in hand. But, when those leaves start to fall, you can’t just ignore them. Well, you can. But that won’t end well. Better to invest in a leaf blower and clear those leaves in a fraction of the time you would’ve spent raking piles. While we all know that blowers beat out rakes in a landslide, choosing the right leaf blower can be a tougher decision.

When choosing a leaf blower, it is always best to consider whether to purchase an electric leaf blower or a gas leaf blower. Additionally, among electric leaf blowers, you may also choose between corded and cordless (battery-powered) options. To find the best leaf blower for you, consider power output, lawn size, and ease of use.

Power Output

We begin by considering power output to correct some outdated assumptions. Did you know that gas, electric, and battery-powered cordless blowers all offer comparable leaf-blowing power? Many assume that gas leaf blowers are more powerful than electric leaf blowers. While that has been true in the past, modern Lithium-Ion battery technology has dramatically narrowed the gap, and the best cordless leaf blowers offer just as much power as gas blowers. Consumer Reports agrees, “Despite being relative newcomers to the field, battery leaf blowers now offer power on a par with gas models.” 

Consider the Senix X5 Cordless 58V BlowerThis cordless electric leaf blower features a high-efficiency brushless motor with airspeed up to 129 MPH for powerful debris removal. In addition, the operator can select the optimum force required from three selectable speeds. 

Lawn Size

If you have a small area to clear, you might consider a corded electric leaf blower. The Senix corded 12-amp electric leaf blower is a lightweight and powerful option. However, if you have a larger yard, staying plugged into an outlet may prove impractical or even impossible.

Electric cordless leaf blowers offer the freedom to clear large areas. Battery life is an important factor in how much ground you can cover, so consider the Senix X5 Cordless 58V Blower with a long-lasting, rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack. For extra-large spaces, consider purchasing a spare battery so you can swap out a drained battery for a charged one. 

A gas leaf blower also provides cord-free convenience, but the gas engine is heavier, louder, and higher-vibration than a battery (more on that later). These characteristics can impact how much ground you can (or want to) cover at a time. Gas leaf blowers commonly use 2-stroke engines, which require mixing oil and gas. Four-stroke engines, on the other hand, are designed to be more fuel-efficient and take straight gasoline. (They are also quieter and lower vibration.) For a quality 4-stroke gas leaf blower, check out the Senix 4QL Gas Powered Blower (bonus – it has a vacuum function too)!

Ease of Use

On virtually all counts, electric leaf blowers are more manageable than gas blowers. A major reason electric leaf blowers are easier to handle is the difference in weight. The engine in a gas leaf blower makes it noticeably heavier than any electric leaf blower. (Corded electric leaf blowers are actually even lighter than cordless electric because there is no engine OR battery; however, be sure to weigh that against the limitations of having a cord.)

Starting an electric leaf blower is simple and easy, especially when compared to a gas-powered blower. Corded and cordless electric leaf blowers turn on with a convenient switch while gas leaf blowers start with a pull-string (like a lawn mower) and may require priming and a few pulls to engage.

Electric leaf blowers also win over gas-powered if you prefer to work quietly. It is no secret that gas leaf blowers are significantly louder than electric leaf blowers. As a result, most gas leaf blowers require hearing protection, and some communities even restrict their use because of noise pollution.

At SENIX, we design with your needs in mind, combining lightweight construction with powerful and efficient air power and innovative Lithium-Ion battery packs. We’ve created the best cordless leaf blowers so you can get the job done right. Check out our selection and find the right one for you.
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